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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our team consists of passionate and skilled blackjack players that share an interest in Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. We created in June 2018 with the idea of creating the ultimate guide to Bitcoin blackjack gambling. To help you find the top BTC casinos for playing blackjack in Bitcoin we offer objective reviews of the best Bitcoin casinos and gambling websites that offer online blackjack games.

Our Story

The Story

Ever since we started playing blackjack games more than 20 years ago we have had a deep love for the game of blackjack. Our team first started reviewing online casino websites in 2001. Then Bitcoin hit the Internet in 2009 and over the last couple of years we have got involved with Bitcoins and noticed that many Internet casinos have started accepting Bitcoins but there is not enough information about playing blackjack in BTC. We are building to help other cryptocurrency enthusiasts to find the best Bitcoin blackjack casinos for betting on Blackjack games and winning actual BTC.

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Have a question for us? We love to answer your questions whether you're a blackjack player or an online gambling site please contact and let us know what you'd like to know. A member of our team will respond to all questions asked usually within 1 week.